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Offering health insurance for your business will show your employees that you value them and care for their well-being. At Veritas Insurance Solutions, we offer suitable group health insurance packages that fit you and your business’ needs in Dayton, TN.

For 11 years, we’ve positioned ourselves as one of the leading health insurance companies in the area. Leave your insurance needs in our hands and enjoy the peace of mind of working with reliable specialists.

Flexible solutions to find a fit that’s right for your business AND your employees.

With a traditional fully-insured health plan, you pay a fixed premium to the insurance carrier. The insurance carrier collects the premiums and pays the health care claims based on the coverage benefits outlined in the policy.

Our Self-Funded Program is specially designed to provide affordable health benefits for small- and mid-sized businesses. Compared to traditional fully-insured plans, you get more plan options, usually at a lower cost, without sacrificing quality health coverage for your employees.

How it works

With our Self-Funded Program, you have one predictable monthly payment that is split three ways:

  1. Claims fund – Your contribution to the claims account is determined upfront and is guaranteed not to increase for a full year as long as there are no changes to your group’s benefits or enrollment.
  2. Stop-loss insurance – If your group’s claims are higher than expected, stop-loss insurance protects your business’s assets.
  3. Administration – All day-to-day administration of your self-funded plan – including claims processing and customer service – is taken care of for you, so you’re free to focus on your business.

You may even get a refund

If your group’s claims are lower than expected, you may get a refund of a portion of the difference at the end of the plan year. About 60% of our groups receive a refund.

Pick your level of coverage

Our Self-Funded Program provides flexible health coverage and contract options for small- and mid-sized companies. We can find a plan that suits your needs, whether you need coverage for 2 or 500 employees.

Our employee group coverage includes:

  • Life – Universal Life Insurance- Offers permanent protection with an added opportunity for tax sheltered investment.
    Term Life- The most cost-effective choice, rates and coverage are guaranteed and renewed depending on the term (10 years, 20 years). Veritas Insurance Solutions experts can designate options that allow for conversion to Whole Life or Universal Life.
    Whole Life- An excellent choice for those who require lifetime protection, this coverage may offer cash values and includes guaranteed level premiums and death benefits
  • Short Term Disability Insurance- Employees choose a maximum monthly benefit amount that meets their needs. Then, if they are faced with a period of sickness or off-the-job injury and cannot work, they’ll receive cash benefits to spend as they see fit. Benefits are paid for total disability, partial disability, concurrent disability and recurrent disability – and there is no elimination period or waiting period for a second instance of a previously covered disability. Employer-chosen riders may offer additional benefits for family medical leave, doula services, on-the-job accident disability and more.
  • Dental and Vision– We often only think about our eyes or our teeth when we have a problem. Without insurance, a checkup can cost more than what most can afford. Rest easy knowing that you are covered when you need to see a dentist or optometrist.
  • Critical Illness – Core health insurance doesn’t always cover all the costs associated with a critical illness diagnosis and treatment. And it certainly doesn’t help pay personal expenses that may accrue during recovery. Critical Illness Insurance can help, by paying cash benefits for a covered diagnosis in addition to any other insurance already in place. And, the cash benefits can be used for anything from hospital bills to groceries – there are no restrictions.
  • Accident – Accident Insurance pays cash benefits when a covered accidental injury occurs. Coverage may include benefits for ambulance services, physical therapy and more. People with this coverage submit claims after diagnosis and/or treatment and benefits are paid for approved diagnoses and procedures based on a pre-determined schedule of benefits. The cash benefits can be used to help pay for deductibles, treatment costs, house payments or any other household expense – there are no restrictions.
  • Hospital Indemnity – Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance pays cash benefits for covered expenses related to a hospital stay. People with this coverage submit claims after a hospital stay, and benefits are paid for approved expenses based on a pre-determined schedule of benefits. Employers may choose to include coverage for hospital stays due to pregnancy

The best part of choosing to partner with Veritas Insurance Solutions is that you no longer have to be burdened with managing enrollment, claims, employee questions, new hire requirements and needs.  We take that responsibility and become not only your personal insurance agency, but for your employees and their families.

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