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Maintaining your health in optimal conditions is a necessity instead of a luxury. Over time, we’ve learned that many health threats can negatively impact our well-being. At Veritas Insurance Solutions, we are a life insurance company committed to offering you trusted individual health insurance services. For 11 years, we’ve been helping our community find the best coverage plans for their health needs. Now, it’s our chance to help you protect your health from the unexpected.

Affordable health insurance plans designed just for you

Ideally, your health coverage should reflect the changes at each life stage. Veritas Insurance Solutions offers a range of health plans that can be tailored to your individual situation.

We Consider Your Needs and Budget

Our insurance specialists work closely with you to ensure we provide you the coverage you need without compromising your budget. Whether you need life insurance or individual health plans, count on us to help you find them. What’s more, we’ll be there to ensure you receive fair and efficient payment for claims. With us, you’ll have the peace of mind that you are protected and covered for the uncertain future.

It’s time for a fresh perspective on health insurance!

Short Term medical coverage: is designed for people who don’t have this type of coverage through their employer or another group.

Our Short Term Medical Plans can provide coverage for 12 months and are renewable.  This gives you the flexibility to get the coverage you want for the time that best suits you. Get access to benefits and options that provide protection for the costs associated with everyday health care and the unexpected, such as:

  • Doctor visits and preventive care.
  • Emergency room and hospital stays.
  • Pharmacy benefits and discount options.
  • Nationwide network of providers

Together with network providers like Aetna® our Short Term Medical plans can save you more on your health care; and help you keep your wallet, coverage, and wellness going strong.

Short Term Medical Highlights A quick breakdown of some key features and benefits of our Short Term Medical plans.

Office visit benefits come with all our plans, and copay options are available. Next day effective dates Get the benefits you need for injuries and preventive care right away. Deductible waived on Urgent Care visits You pay a $50 access fee, and the rest applies to coinsurance. Prescription drug options Keep your costs low with a pharmacy discount card on all plans, or a $10 copay on generics with our Copay Enhanced PPO plan Flexible coverage periods and solutions Choose the coverage duration that best suits your needs, whether it’s 30 days, 12 months,1 or even up to 3 years!

Extend your coverage. Gain flexibility and save yourself time by purchasing multiple plans with one application or set up a renewable plan option. These solutions can let you extend your coverage for up to 3 full years! Renewable Plan Option Eligible expenses for pre-existing conditions are covered after the first 12 months of coverage. Deductible/coinsurance reset with each new policy term. Coverage Period Maximum does not reset. Guaranteed rate option available, letting you plan ahead, knowing your rates won’t change. Get up to 3 full years of coverage! Consecutive Plans Eligible expenses for pre-existing conditions are covered after the first 12 months of coverage. Deductible/coinsurance reset with each new policy term. Coverage Period Maximum resets with each new policy term. Rates are determined at the time of purchase and may vary between policies. Purchase multiple plans with just one application and get up to 2 years of coverage!

Supplemental health insurance: provides you with a fixed benefit amount for unexpected expenses to use as a stand alone or in addition to the primary health coverage you already have.

If you don’t already have one and depending on your needs, we recommend you get a long or short-term major medical plan with a high deductible and add supplemental benefits. You will see that you can save up to 60% off your monthly premiums and get more coverage than most major medical plans on the market. Having a benefits package like this will give you the freedom and peace of mind knowing that you have access to a nationwide network of providers and coverage for unexpected medical bills. By adding any of these supplemental coverage options to a long or short-term major medical plan, you can reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs like deductibles and coinsurance, saving you thousands of dollars. These supplemental coverage options work in conjunction with your major medical plan and allow you to go to any doctor or hospital nationwide.

What about out-of-pocket costs? Supplemental coverage options are smart solutions.

Major Medical coverage helps you get the health care coverage you need when you need it. But, like other insurance plans, there are always out-of-pocket costs. Out-of-pocket costs include expenses you are responsible for, like deductibles and coinsurance. Add one of our Supplemental Coverage plans to get out-of-pocket protection from costs not covered by your Major Medical plan. They’re affordable options that help you keep more money in your pocket.

Example: The average cost of a fractured hip is $12,923. Now, let’s assume you chose to pair our Plan Enhancer supplemental coverage with a $5,000 benefit level with our $5,000 deductible Short Term Medical plan and you experienced this event. You would be pleasantly surprised by the outcome…

Example:  Treatment Cost $12,923. Your Short Term Medical Deductible is $5000 with the Plan Enhancer you would only pay $250 and your deductible is covered.

In this example, Plan Enhancer pays almost 100% of your major medical plan’s deductible.

Choosing to add supplemental coverage to your major medical plan will reduce or eliminate your deductible and coinsurance in most cases.

Health Sharing: An affordable alternative to major medical coverage and can give you access to similar benefits with a nationwide network of providers.

OneShare Health exists as a witness to the love and faithfulness of God as He provides for the medical needs of His children. Membership in OneShare Health is open to everyone who agrees with our core biblical principles relating to life, health, and caring for others, as evidenced in our shared Statement of Beliefs. Through their Monthly Contributions, Members are sharing one another’s Eligible medical bills and demonstrating the love of God to the entire Community. This sharing also demonstrates that the Community can come together in mutual love and respect.

Fixed Benefit/Limited Indemnity: Can be added as a supplement or stand-alone medical plan.  This option gives you discounts on medical services.

A fixed benefit/limited indemnity plan can be an affordable plan for everyday health care needs. With many medical plans, you have high deductibles and copays to satisfy before your plan pays anything. You might even end up paying for benefits you don’t use. This plan gives you an affordable and predictable way to get the health care you need now for things such as checkups, prescriptions, lab tests, and more. There are no deductibles or copays to satisfy. This plan pays set dollar amounts when you receive covered services. Any costs that exceed the benefit amount are your responsibility. 

  • Benefits for services that start right away.
  • Prescription reimbursement.
  • Access to the First Health network, with network discounts to help you lower your out-of-pocket associated with major medical plans.

Dental: Dental surgery and orthodontic care often become necessary as we age due to a number of factors. Whether you need dentures or just a regular cleaning, it is an important expense which should not be overlooked.

Get coverage to help pay for dental checkups and treatments. Dental coverage gives you coverage for Preventative, Basic, and Major services with no waiting period helping you catch small problems before they become big expenses. Our dental plans include Coverage for applicants from birth through age 94. Set benefits that pay for preventive care, basic and major services — available for you, your spouse, and any dependent children. No waiting period. Your benefits are available on your plan’s effective date.

Preventative – exams, cleanings, etc. Basic services – fillings, simple extractions, etc. Major services – oral surgery, dentures, root canals, etc. Research shows that good dental health is essential to your overall health. Protecting your smile starts with regular visits to the dentist and a good dental plan. Easily add Dental coverage to any medical plan.

Vision: If you find that your eyesight is not what it used to be, then being able to see an ophthalmologist or optometrist is necessary for you to keep your quality of life.

Life Insurance: After your passing you need to know that your loved ones will be taken care of and will not be burdened by funeral expenses. Life insurance is one of the primary types of insurance you should consider when starting down the path to insure yourself, your family, and your property.

Studies indicate that a high percentage of Americans admit to not having adequate life insurance coverage and that their dependents would suffer financially as a result of their death. The quickest route to peace of mind is to prepare for the unexpected with the right type of life insurance. Veritas Insurance Solutions experts help you choose the policy that will pay for your final expenses and financially protect your family and loved ones according to your wishes.

Through ManhattanLife, we offer a variety of simplified issue term life and whole life insurance products to help you and your family best meet your objectives. Our term life insurance products are available for face amounts up to and including $250,000 and on a fully underwritten basis for higher amounts of coverage. Our whole life insurance coverage is available for face amounts up to $100,000 and up to $3 million on a fully underwritten basis.

Consult with a Veritas Insurance Solutions insurance agent to learn more about different types of coverage. Our knowledgeable specialists provide practical information about coverage options that fit your specific needs and budget. 

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